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Water Heaters – Storage Tanks vs Tankless

We all are fortunate enough to have water heaters in our homes in the United States. It makes washing the dishes and taking a shower easier and less daunting. If you have ever stood under the shower as cold water rushes out and immediately shakes you to your core because all the hot water was used up by someone else, you know what a nightmare that can be. In that moment you are quite helpless for two reasons: first of all you’re naked and probably have to get dressed without having a shower. Secondly, you might feel upset to have such a tormenting start to the day. If it was right before bed, well your night is basically ruined. Choosing the right water heater for your home can ensure that you never have to face this problem ever again.

We are all familiar with the conventional storage water heaters. These are most commonly found in homes in the US and the rest of the world. It has a large storage chamber for hot water that is readily available at the time of need. The water is heated using natural gas and a combustion chamber or you get the electric variant which is the modern trend. Electric heaters can be cheaper to install and maintain but the long run operating cost of electricity can prove to be higher than that of natural gas. In a conventional storage water heater, water is heated and transferred using a network of pipes and plumbing across the entire house to the kitchen sink and bathroom showers. As hot water is used, fresh water enters the storage chamber and is heated to the preset temperature to ensure the tank always has hot water.

Tankless water heaters are gaining popularity among new and old homeowners. They are also known as on-demand water heaters. The name is self explanatory to how they function. There is no storage tank (obviously). They work by heating the water as it leaves the tap, extremely quickly and efficiently instead of storing it for long periods without being used. Conventional tank heaters waste a lot of fuel just to maintain the temperature of the stored water, even when no one’s home. To save money you could lower the thermostat as you leave for work and the kids leave for school, but let’s be realistic, that is too much of a hassle on a daily basis. Also, when you do get home and increase the temperature back to the required level, you will have to wait for the water to heat up to your desired needs.
Benefits of a tankless water heaters

There are many advantages to having a tankless water heater. That’s why they were invented in the first place because there was a need for a more portable and efficient system.

The most obvious advantage to tankless water heaters is the easy installation process. They have a smaller foot print and do not require a large space to function. Some varieties also offer heaters that can be mounted on an exterior wall.

Unlimited water supply, that is hot water supply, has to be the biggest advantage to tankless water heaters.  You could prepare a hot bath for yourself and just relax in it without having to worry about running out of hot water for the rest of the household.

Tankless water heaters consume less energy to operate. There is less heat loss from the pipes because there is no need to carry water over long distances. There is also no need to constantly maintain the temperature of stored water up to a preset temperature as mentioned before so there are lower standby energy losses. Some modern day tankless water heaters can be so efficient that they have an energy factor rating of 1.

Last but not the least, tankless water heaters generally even last longer than their alternatives. A typical tankless heater would last around 20 years. Commonly powervent water heaters have a 6 year warranty coverage on heat exchangers. Traditional tank water heaters last about 10 to 15 years with regular service and maintenance.

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